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Terms & Conditions

We respect your privacy. Information submitted via the Quote Request Form will not be shared with any other persons or agencies. The WIX website platform and apps does not store this data for third party use.

Julie's Cottage Creations, LLC maintains a Cottage Food License approved by the Missoula County Health Department. Food is prepared, labeled, and packaged in accordance with the approved procedures of the license. All consumers must understand that the Cottage Food items are prepared in a home not subject to inspection.

4 Bear Ranch, LLC prepares homemade food and food products in accordance with the Montana Local Food Choice Act. All food is made in a home not subject to licensure, permitting, certification, packaging, labelling, and inspection regulations. The purpose of the act is to allow for the sale and consumption of homemade food and food products and to encourage the expansion of agricultural sales by ranches, farms, and home-based producers and the accessibility of homemade food and food products to informed end consumers. 


In either case, once the consumer purchases the products, it is the consumer's responsibility to care for the food products properly. Hot foods stay hot, cold foods stay cold. All Cottage Food recipes are potentially non-hazardous as approved by public health; however, if improperly stored for a period of time (i.e. hot car in the sun) they too may become potentially hazardous - meaning potentially hazardous bacteria may form in the food elating to food born illness. All things become hazardous over time - unless it is a McDonald's French Fry, then they pretty much stay the same as when you bought them.

If there is a complaint or question about the food, please simply contact us. We will work with you to remedy the issue or question. We prepare our food in a manner that we would want others to prepare food for us. 

If an order must be cancelled, please let us know immediately.

If there are any questions about these terms & conditions, please contact us.

By accepting the terms and conditions listed above, you become an informed consumer, you are understanding that the food and food products are made in a private home. Items made under Julie's Cottage Creations are licensed under a Cottage Food License, and will be produced, labeled, and packaged as written in the license. Items made under 4 Bear Ranch are not licensed, permitted, certified, packaged, labelled, or inspected.

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